Streaming & Download Help offers 2 links for the audio of each program:

  • Listen Now -- links to a m3u playlist file which should start the selected WURN program streaming through Winamp, VLC, or Itunes.  If your browser asks you which program it should use to open the file, please choose one of these.   Unfortunately Windows Media Player does not always work with this type of file.  Windows Media Player will often give an error  that Windows Media Player cannot play this content. 
  • Listen Later -- is a direct link to the full MP3 file of the program.  To download the MP3 file please “right click”/”alt click” with your mouse.  Depending on your browser, you should choose one of the following “save link as”, “save target as”, “download linked file”  This will download the MP3 file to your computer where you can listen to it there or copy it to your favorite portable music player.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How do I download a show to put on my MP3 player?

  • Because of the wide disparity in different MP3 players we can’t give directions specific to your player.  In general after downloading the MP3,  just copy the MP3 of the program to your player as you would for any other MP3 file. 
Why is the download on the "listen later" link so damn slow?

Our host for the podcasts limits the download speed so as not to overload their servers.  This means that it may take almost as long as a program is to download the mp3 (i.e. it may take up to 1 hour to download a show that lasts for 1 hour).

I'm having trouble jumping ahead or back within a program?  Is this normal?

Unfortunately this is normal.  Jumping around within a show that is streaming off of our servers may yield inconsistent success.  We try to break up longer shows into segments no longer than 90 minutes to make it easier to listen.

I’m in a band. How can I get you to play my music on WURN programs?
  • As we don’t have a mailing address, the preferred method is to email us at wurn (at) and provide us a link where we can review your material.  If you must snail mail something, please email us at wurn (at) and we will provide you with a snail mail address.
I’m in a band. How can I get my band shows listed on your calendar?
  • Our calendar list is not all inclusive and is very much at the whim of what we like.  Email us with your event and if deem it a worthy expenditure of time and money we will post it.
I want to be an internet radio superstar, just like you guys! Can I have a show? Can I? Can I, please?
  • We are looking for additional folks to fill out the schedule.  If you have a place you can record your show and deliver it to us in a MP3 file of no less than 192kpbs that’s great.  If you are physically in the Central Massachusetts area we may be able to arrange access to our studios, although you must be flexible as the studios are in people’s homes.  Please email us with details of the show you want to do.  wurn (at)

WURN is obviously in need of financial support. How can I give you money?

  • This is not a business, this is not a non-profit. We're just people who like the internet airwaves, baby. When you see us, give us money and say, 'Hey, this is for WURN support' and we'll say 'Thank you'. You cannot write it off as tax deductible; we will not give you a receipt. We will not give you a tote bag, coffee mug or anything else to symbolize our thanks.

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